The Ren And Stimpy Show Getting A Remake At Comedy Central

Hopefully this means the original series will be That has frustrated fans. So distinctive and revered.

There is no sign as to when Comedy Central will Find exactly the Ren and Stimpy Re-released in its entirety Comedy Central sent out a press release about the Ren and Stimpy reboot, which will enlarge the cable station’s focus on the adult cartoon.

Besides the recently purchased revival of Beavis and Butt-Head, Comedy Central is also working on a reboot of Clone High from creators Phil Lord & Chris Miller, as well as the Daria spin-off Jodie.

Obviously Kricfalusi shouldn’t be working in Hollywood anymore for a number of reasons, but it was his madcap humor on the series that created Ren and Stimpy And his Spumco production banner was part of the show through 1992.

But beyond that, Nickelodeon had a lot of problems with Kricfalusi, largely because of how frequently they had to argue with Practices, Standards & concerning the show, and there were production delays because of cultural influences and approval processes that are extensive.

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