The Old Guard Writer Confirms Sequel Works

Proving to be rather popular on Netflix, it would be rather surprising if The Old Guard two talks do not select up to confirm that the franchise’s future.

Interest in The Old Guard two A sequel can handle, together with Quynh’s yield a tease of With The Old Guard’s When it started streaming, became a direct hit for Netflix. The film received reviews and topped the service’s daily graphs.

It did not take long for The Old Guard to maintain a spot at Netflix’s record book as among the streaming agency’s main films ever. This reaction has left many wondering if The Old Guard two will occur, although Netflix has yet to validate plans for a sequel.

Rucka’s source material for The Old Guard already goes beyond what the initial film-coated, so the franchise possibly already exists.

Fans of the movie will be very happy to hear that discussions about a sequel have happened, but Rucka warns that he does not understand when Netflix will create a last decision regarding whether to earn The Old Guard two.

Netflix established a new possible franchise that this summer with the launch of The Old Guard.

The movie stars Charlize Theron as Andy, the chief of a bunch of immortals who shield humanity and is depending on the comic book by Greg Rucka. Gina Prince-Bythewood led The Old Guard according to a script by Rucka.

Now we will just have to wait and see whether if The Old Guard’s writer Affirms That There have been Talks about The Old Guard Two Talks are currently taking place.

Those involved with The Old Guard have expressed their needs to create another entrance.

Prince-Bythewood said previously there are thoughts to get a trilogy, while Theron made it renowned that she would like to play with Andy again at a sequel.

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