Matthew Vaughn Might Not Be Working On Kingsman 3

In a meeting with Empire, Vaughn disclosed he might not return to direct Kingsman 3.

The manager said he had not made his thoughts upon whether he would come back to the franchise.

Vaughn had talked about how he wishes to hand off another episode to a different manager, but today is unsure of the decision he’ll make.

Seeing a new manager, Vaughn stated I do not understand what I need to do. I am considering it, although There’s a chance for a manager to change it up.

It Looks like Vaughn Means eliminating himself from the seat of the director.

Whatever his choice Vaughn has helmed all three Kingsman Manager is that the show will start to change starting with The King’s Man.

At the same Empire interview, Vaughn also said that Kingsman 3 itself would probably be quite different from the previous movies in the franchise. By the point of view of Vaughn, a change in tone might be why he wanted an original eye.

Vaughn’s strategy appears to have functioned for the most part. Despite many mixed responses to aspects of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the movie was nevertheless a hit in the box office and was able to keep the soul of the first. It would appear that Vaughn’s directing style is an essential facet of what constitutes Kingsman’s work.

Another motive Vaughn may be willing to hand over the reins to some brand new Would do anything he believed was best for the franchise. However, Matthew Vaughn, director of this bombastic Kingsman movie, revealed he might not go back to the manager’s seat for Kingsman 3.

Two videos have followed because of 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the forthcoming prequel The King’s Man.

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