Man From Nowhere Remake Reuniting With John Wick Team

Both Stahelski and Kolstad are really busy lately, even outside the bubble of almost $600 million John Wick franchise.

Meanwhile, Kolstad has become one of Hollywood’s premiere action writers, with an animated Splinter Cell Netflix show plus a My Friend Pedro adaptation with former John Wick collaborator David Leitch on his calendar.

However, the job fell through, and the rights reverted back into CJ Entertainment.

As you can say, they specialize in violent revenge tales about loners, the project is directly in the team’s wheelhouse.

The Man From Nowhere is a solid action film, notable more so for its brutality and kinetic than its story.

Finally, it is not unlike John Wick in Kolstad has already finished.

Executives are very excited to enter production and the script.

Though he’s joining to produce, Chad Stahelski doesn’t mean to guide, as he’s plenty busy with different projects already.

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