Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Might Release In 2022

This news comes as Paramount announces release dates and modifications to get some of its forthcoming films, including a delay for A Quiet Place Component II and Top Gun: Maverick. The tone... Read more »

Dune Director Trying Hard To Finish Movie In Time For Release Date

Films will dictate Dune Manager Denis Villeneuve admits he is trying hard to finish the movie ahead of its December release date. I needed to go on hiatus, and some have just... Read more »

Harry Potter Movies Are Changing Their Streaming Services

Even though it’s possible the deal allows for your films to go back to HBO Max earlier than. The bargain for Harry Potter of NBCUniversal continues until 2025 The distribution of articles... Read more »

The Ren And Stimpy Show Getting A Remake At Comedy Central

Hopefully this means the original series will be That has frustrated fans. So distinctive and revered. There is no sign as to when Comedy Central will Find exactly the Ren and Stimpy... Read more »

Captain Marvel 2 In Talks With Candyman 2020 Director

However, it was only earlier this season that Marvel Studios gave Captain Marvel 2 a 2022 launch date. The film filled the emptiness and has taken a step ahead. The film was... Read more »

The Old Guard Writer Confirms Sequel Works

Proving to be rather popular on Netflix, it would be rather surprising if The Old Guard two talks do not select up to confirm that the franchise’s future. Interest in The Old... Read more »

Matthew Vaughn Might Not Be Working On Kingsman 3

In a meeting with Empire, Vaughn disclosed he might not return to direct Kingsman 3. The manager said he had not made his thoughts upon whether he would come back to the... Read more »

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Development Has Not Been Affected By Pandemic

The DC movie ended filming until the coronavirus pandemic broke out, meaning that work on the movie continues with mandates that were shelter-in-place. Considering that the time-frame, it is likely that Gunn... Read more »

Man From Nowhere Remake Reuniting With John Wick Team

Both Stahelski and Kolstad are really busy lately, even outside the bubble of almost $600 million John Wick franchise. Meanwhile, Kolstad has become one of Hollywood’s premiere action writers, with an animated... Read more »

Child’s Play 2 Can Still Happen

Since Klevberg would like to generate a sequel, does not mean it will take place. And Mancini and he against MGM rebooted the franchise. Klevberg clearly includes thoughts for Child’s Play two,... Read more »