New God of War For PS5 Coming In 2021

2018’s God of War includes a secret finish in which it indicates Thor, Odin’s son, and the God of Thunder, will be a significant antagonist in the new sport. Together with the... Read more »

Mortal Shell Announces It’s Releasing Soon

The first portion of the trailer concentrates on mood, narrative, and setting, establishing Mortal Shell’s dark and disturbing world. The second portion focuses on gameplay, particularly the game combat and cartoons. It... Read more »

Matthew Vaughn Might Not Be Working On Kingsman 3

In a meeting with Empire, Vaughn disclosed he might not return to direct Kingsman 3. The manager said he had not made his thoughts upon whether he would come back to the... Read more »

Mulan Is Heading To Disney+ In September

Warner Bros’ blockbuster Tenet, Mulan will also be led to theatres in precisely the exact same time, wherever possible. So while the reimagining of the 1998 Disney classic of director Niki Caro... Read more »